We do our best to respond to customer emails as promptly as possible, but do keep in mind that if we don't get back immediately it's likely because we're  a small two person shop with no customer service staff and we're either in the process of making products, out of the workshop (it's been known to happen) or possibly sleeping.

Colorado Springs, CO

We are a husband and wife team making handcrafted leather goods in our Colorado workshop

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Beauty will save the world.
— Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Joseph (Jazeps) Tenis

Joseph (Jazeps) Tenis

Who We Are.  What We Do.

Inkleaf is the combined endeavor of husband and wife team, Jazeps and Steffi Tenis.

We design and create our leather goods using traditional methods in our small Colorado workshop.

We’re compelled by the idea that creating something by hand infuses the object with a unique life and character in a way that anonymous mass production can't.

The marks of aging that a hand made object collects tell a story about the life of the bearer.  We aim to craft goods that are fit to carry a small part of your story.

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Steffi Tenis

Steffi Tenis