We do our best to respond to customer emails as promptly as possible, but do keep in mind that if we don't get back immediately it's likely because we're  a small two person shop with no customer service staff and we're either in the process of making products, out of the workshop (it's been known to happen) or possibly sleeping.

Parts Unknown
Colorado Springs, CO

We are a husband and wife team making handcrafted leather goods out of our workshop in Colorado Springs. (Wallets, Notebooks Covers, Bracelets, Key Fobs & more!) 

Leather Care


Leather Care

Apply a light coat of oil or leather conditioner every 6-12 months depending on the dryness of your climate.

 Dryer climates require more frequent conditioning.

Note that depending on what kind of conditioner you use it may darken the leather to a varying degree.

Vegetable Tanned Leather


Occasionally we make a batch of products with Hermann Oak natural vegetable tanned leather.  These items generally start out somewhat stiff, with a pale color.  

With exposure to the sun and conditioning they'll take on a unique character and a golden brown color.


Some general suggestions:

 1. If desired, set the item in direct sunlight for several hours to begin the darkening process.

2. Give your new leather a light coat of oil (neatsfoot oil or mink oil is best) to condition it. 

 3. Apply a leather wax as needed to help with water resistance and to give it a warm glow.

 4. Continue to oil every six to twelve months or whenever it starts to feel dry.